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What exactly is WordPress?

WordPress is a system that allows you to easily create and edit your own website, blog or web shop. It is a comprehensive CMS or Content Management System

WordPress was created primarily for people with little technical knowledge about websites. After all, you shouldn’t start entering complicated website codes. Mainly because it is so simple, it is so familiar. More than 30% of websites operate on this system. This is incredible.

Another reason so many people use WordPress is because the system itself is completely free! You should not invest hundreds of dollars in systems to create a website with. This is because WordPress does not have a single owner. The system was developed by tens of thousands of people/companies who contributed to it. They themselves were not paid for WordPress. So they don’t ask for money for it either. They do make money from WordPress-related services they offer. So for these services you have to pay.

A big advantage of WordPress is that you can find help very easily. So this is because there are so many people using the system. There is a WordPress forum where you can ask questions about the system. You can also search the Internet for your question. Many results will probably pop up that will answer your question.