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Stop working by feel and rely on proven figures

No more guessing the next step in your marketing plan. Together we provide a clearly written course of action.

Request your Customer Value Journey session

8 stages all your customers go through

Thanks to our customized roadmap, we’ll explore together what works for your business. No more build & burn marketing campaigns and on to structured growth.

90-day plan

For this, we work in sprints of 90 days. Why? This is long enough to test if something works but also short enough to pivot if something doesn’t.

Score card

To measure is to know. You get a live dashboard from us where you can see percentage-wise how far we are from the predetermined goals. That way you always know what is running and what the results of this are.

Planning canvas

You not only know what has happened but also what is planned. In doing so, we always communicate clearly in deliverables and not in vague to-do’s.

Using a workshop, we’ll bring your entire marketing into focus on an A3 page.


What exactly do these 8 phases look like?

We go through these steps completely together. After this, it is crystal clear where you are now but also where you need to go.

Each stage of the Customer Value Journey requires specific marketing strategies and tactics to guide and support your customers through their journey. By carefully planning and optimizing each step of this journey, you will build stronger relationships with your customers as an organization.



Here they get to know you, they become aware that you exist.
This is typically the first point of contact for a potential new customer.



Your (potential) customer already knows you. But you haven't built a real relationship yet. You need commitment to build a relationship where they see you as an expert and trust you completely.</p>
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You want to re-engage the (potential) customer (for free). DUS you need to collect contact information for this. This is sometimes called ethical bribery.</p>
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You want to get a commitment now. You warm up the target audience.<br>
They trust you by now.Now you want them to invest with time or with money.</p>
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"If I get so much value for so little money... What am I not getting when I purchase the real product or service?" must be the first reaction. You can look at this as expectation management.</p>
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Core offering

This is where your main service/product comes in, followed by possible up & cross sells.</p>
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You want your satisfied customers to advertise for you. At this stage, this happens more in a passive way.</p>
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The customer is more likely to actively promote you rather than passively. Instead of waiting for a possible question, they "automatically" go and share their positive experience with friends and family.</p>
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Which marketing channels are most used in this regard?

How do I measure the effectiveness of the actions taken?

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