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Advertising is essential for reaching new people and for converting leads.

Generally, online advertising generates good returns. Another advantage of online advertising is that it is perfectly measurable.

Find out what performance marketing can do for you

SEA, PPC and performance marketing, all terms often used interchangeably.

In short, these things ensure that you can (re)reach your right target audience with your product or service at the time you want to, for a fee.

SEA experts who know their stuff

A clear performance strategy

Not from gut feeling but data driven

Our working method

We cover the various aspects of performance marketing within your digital marketing strategy.

Strong performing campaigns don’t happen by accident. The following are the things we take away to make your case a success as well.


Target group analysis

Audience analysis plays an important role in creating an online growth strategy. The purpose of this analysis is to investigate which group is most likely to buy your product and through which channels we best approach them.

Setting goals

First, we analyze which products/services generate the most revenue. Together we look at what a new customer "may" cost and then we estimate how many visitors you need on your site to generate one profitable sale.

Keyword research

If Google is a relevant channel, we select some keywords that are relevant to your website and that we know the potential customer is searching on. For this, we use internal keyword analysis to map this out.

Campaign creation

Based on all the previous steps, we start drafting the campaign strategy. In doing so, we make a sudden initial launch.

Final finishing touches

For Are Agency, the arithmetic of 1+1=2 is not good enough.<br>
We want to deliver a result where 1+1=3.

ARE way

Every major company from Coca-Cola to McDonald's has its unique secret recipe. Over the years, we have also fine-tuned ours to achieve above-average results using performance campaigns. Curious? Feel free to ask us about this during an interview.
I am curious

How does paid advertising help my business?

What is the difference between SEA and SEO?

How much advertising budget do I need?

How much do you charge to manage this?

Can you offer me a guarantee of results?

What if visitors from ads don't convert?

We ARE here to help with advertising!

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