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Your specific message pure and only to the right audience

Welcome to Account Based Marketing where you build one-on-one relationships with the right people where and when you want them.

Find out what Account Based Marketing means for you

Account Based Marketing is reaching your ideal client one-on-one with a personalized message

A solid ABM strategy requires close collaboration between your sales and marketing teams. It is the responsibility of the sales representatives to provide prospect lists that the (Account Based) marketers use as foundations for their actions. Vice versa, it is of course crucial that leads are followed up by sales afterwards.

Increase your conversion rates

Close deals faster

Maximize your potential ROI

When is Account Based Marketing for you?

If your organization is B2B focused
If you have a target audience that lives on LinkedIn
If you want to take over the relationship yourself after the initial contact

Our working method

We cover the various aspects of ABM or Account Based Marketing

Know that each company has its own unique approach depending on its industry, product or service and target audience.


Exploratory discussion

Through an exploratory conversation, we get to know the ins & outs of your organization. We want to get the best possible picture of all your needs, frustrations and desires.

Your personal strategist & project manager

Every project deserves its own strategist & project manager. Our project manager is your personal contact within Are Agency who guides you through the process from A to Z.

Formatting prospecting lists

Your website and your business should tell the same story. If you give the green light to our proposal, we get to work right away.

Set up technical tooling

We always take a customized look at which tools can support your marketing. This can range from Leadinfo to Phantombuster to automate things so that time on your project is spent as efficiently as possible.

Start up targeted conversations with prospects

For Are Agency, the arithmetic of 1+1=2 is not good enough. We deliver a result equal to 1+1=3. Are Agency goes for more than you expect.

Optimizing and fine-tuning

A website is like a race car. Reaching the finish line is not the end. A race car needs maintenance and to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies to stay in top shape.
I am curious

What is the difference between Account Based Marketing and a traditional marketing approach?

What role does personalization play in Account Based Marketing?

What measurable results can I expect from an ABM strategy?

What technologies and tools are useful in implementing an account-based marketing strategy

How do you select the right accounts to target in an ABM strategy?

We ARE ready to micro-target your audience

Get no-obligation advice on your potential ABM strategy