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What about the different user profiles?

In WordPress, there are many different user profiles.
You can work on your website with a team this way.

Everyone can have a position and their own user profile.
There are many different types of user profiles, namely:

The manager or administrator

This is the most important user profile. The administrator has the most rights over the website. He can also edit all pages and media whenever he wants. He can delete pages, create pages, as well as change the menu. It creates new users and chooses their role and even password. Of course, this role should not be given to just anyone. Most logically, the website administrator is also the administrator of the underlying business.

The editor or editor

The editor provides the content on the website. He can create them himself or he can also modify and publish content created by someone else. He can write pages and blogs, he can edit comments, he can manage media … So, this is the ideal user profile for the content writer on the website.

The writer or contributor

The writer, as the name implies, is going to write messages. The main difference between the writer and the editor is that the writer cannot publish anything. He can write content and then the editor can edit or approve and publish that content.

The author or author

The author can only post messages. He has no access to change anything from the pages. He is responsible only for his own posts, not those of others. Images he can only add to his own post. It cannot modify or delete images from the media library. This role is ideal for guest bloggers; other people who post on your website.

Subscriber or subscriber

A subscriber can do the same things as a regular visitor to your website. He can post comments but cannot edit anything on your site himself. The difference between the subscriber and the regular visitor is that the subscriber can post a comment very easily. A regular visitor has to log in for this before he can post a comment.