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Use images, videos and documents to promote your website

Having good content on your website is very important. However, this content should not just be interesting. It also has to look good to customers. Your content may be so interesting, if customers don’t like the way the text looks, they won’t read it. Thus, of course, you are nothing with all your content that is on your website if the website visitor does not look at it. So definitely try to make your content look interesting, rather than just making the text interesting.


Images are a very good way to make your text look nice. As a result, it is not just text, but thus alternates with images. The most fun is to take your own photos or have them taken. Another option is to use existing photos.

Be careful when using images, though. You may not simply take an image from the Internet and post it on your website. It may be copyrighted. If this is the case, it could cost you very dearly. You can use image banks, though. These are sites that allow their images to be used for free or paid for by others. You have to log in with this and that way you can see a lot of image that are not copyrighted.

As a client of Are Agency, you get free use of our licenses and image databases which means your website is always beautifully dressed.


A really nice way to make your website look fun is to use videos. This usually takes more time than posting an image. The best part is that you can make this video yourself. For example, you could post a behind-the-scenes video showing how your business works like this. Also, a video explaining something is often nice. Website visitors are often lazy. Too lazy to read a whole text. Therefore, if you explain something in a video, they don’t need to read whole texts. All they then have to do is watch and listen to the video.


You can also create images or videos to make your website even better known. For example, you can create fun images and post them on Facebook, Instagram… If you mention your website or business in the corner of this image, this will give you more exposure.