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Provide a unique title

Provide a unique title

It is very important that you come up with a creative and unique title for each content and page. Don’t copy competitors’ titles but come up with your own creativity. Your keyword should definitely be found in too title. If you want good ranking, a unique title is also very important.

Some tips for creating a good title for your content

  • Keep it short

Make sure your title is not too long. People should have read it at a glance. Also, a short title is better for the value Google places on your keyword. Your number of keywords should remain somewhat proportional to the rest of the words in your title. Therefore, if you have 1 keyword but a very long title, Google will place less value on it.

Provide a unique title

  • Who and what do you want to achieve?

The title of your page can determine which audience will visit your page. If you take a title like “The best quality doors,” you will appeal to a different target audience than if you were to take a title like “The cheapest doors.”

  • Put the key word in front

Google places more importance on the first word of a title than the last. Internet users also pay particular attention to the first words in a title.

  • Relevant

Make sure your title is relevant. The title should definitely include a keyword. Of course, this word must also appear in the text of your page. This should not be too difficult a word. It should be a word that people look up for themselves. So these are mostly easy words.

Provide a unique title

  • State brand name

Include your brand name in the title. This also allows readers to know immediately who the website belongs to. Perhaps otherwise they would mistake you for a competitor. It is best to include it at the end of the title. Not in the beginning, unless you are a very well-known premium brand known to 80% of people. Then you may mention your brand name up front. Since so many people then already know you, they are more likely to click on your page link. If they don’t know you, they won’t be as likely to click on your brand name. However, they will click on an interesting page with a good title where this brand name is mentioned only at the end.

  • Separator

Use a separator between the title and your brand name listed after it. The most common and obvious is a vertical stripe.