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Link your social channels to your website

Commonly used channels are Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. It is also best to have a business presence on social media. This can take a lot of time to maintain properly. It is also helpful to link social media channels to your website. This makes your social media channels easy to reach.

Social media buttons

Show your current visitors and potential customers that you have a presence on social media and make sure they can easily follow you and also easily share your posts. Place share buttons, follow icons and links to your social media channels. It is also important to place it in a strategic location on your website. The home page, contact page and ‘about us’ page are good pages to place the links and share buttons. The easier it is for people to follow you and share your content, the more often they will.

Share your blogs

If you want to attract visitors to your website, you must also have something to offer on your website. Post a blog regularly and publish it on your website. Make sure the blogs are about interesting and current topics. If you have published good content on your website, it is interesting to share it through multiple channels. Share buttons allow visitors to your website to share the blogs on a channel of their choice. This provides more publicity and potential customers.

Facebook tab

Place a Facebook “like” button on your website to let visitors share your information via social media to reach a large audience. You can also move your public Facebook posts to your website. It is also advantageous that your readers can instantly like, share or comment on your post without leaving the website.