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Link building strategy

Link building is increasing the number of links pointing to a Web site. The purpose of link building is to attract more visitors to the website and improve search engine ranking.

A good link building strategy ensures that you get the most out of the number of inbound links you have or will obtain with your website.
Link building is a hot topic in the SEO industry. But there is little information out there about what is really a good strategy.

Internal link building

After all, it is very important that visitors can easily navigate your website. Therefore, the link structure must be in order. A visitor should be able to move easily from the home page to other pages. In addition, through internal link building on your website, you can make a particular page more valuable. Is the home page the most important page of your website? Then place links to the home page on your underlying pages. Google will pick up on this signal and assign more value to your home page.

External link building

To rank higher in Google, your website needs authority. You build this by link building, among other things. So this is getting links on relevant websites that point to your website. People think: the more links to the website, the better it is for Google. This is not true. After all, what matters is the quality of the links. The higher the quality of the link is, the more valuable it is to Google. Google sees every link to your website as a vote. And the more authority the voice has, the more valuable the link is.

Good strategy

  • A blog should no longer be missing from your website. Other websites can then link to your website that features the blog, and you can also share the blog on social media. Every link to your website is important.
  • Many companies collaborate with other companies. Ask these companies if they would link to your website on their website. This is an easy way to garner links to your website.
  • Business directories are an ideal tool to use for link building. If your business is listed on an online business directory, this in turn creates more links.
  • Another way to get links to your website is guest blogging. With a guest blog, you share your expertise on an external website in exchange for a link. This form of link building is quite time-consuming, but very effective if you succeed.
  • There are many home pages on the Internet. Submit your website to relevant home pages. This can be done for free in many cases. Quality home pages still get a lot of value from Google. This is another easy way to link build.