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Improve the speed of your website

Mobile devices are now used to visit websites more than computers. That means more and more visitors are browsing on 3G/4G connection or wifi network. Most websites are not yet prepared for this. The faster your website, the more likely you are to get on the first page of a search engine. Customers value the ease with which they can find information on a Web site.

Testing the speed of your website.

There are several tools to measure the speed of your website. Google has a handy tool called “PageSpeed Insights.” This tool analyzes your website and also gives you tips on how to improve loading speed. Furthermore, the tool also analyzes how fast your website loads on smartphones or tablets.

If the loading speed of your website is not optimal, you need to improve it. Here are some tips to ensure that your website does not become too slow.

Optimizing images

Images with an incorrect file format can affect the loading speed of your website. It is good to have creative graphics and a nice design, but this should not be at the expense of your website. Reduce your images with some program so they are the correct file size.

Good Hosting

The response time of your hosting provider’s server is often one of the problems. If your Web server responds faster, your Web site will load faster. A website that needs a lot of server power also needs a good hosting provider. A cheap hosting package often means a lot of website on a server and longer time that the server and thereby the website is not online. So always invest in good hosting.

Optimize code

Too much unnecessary HTML code can contribute to load time. Having the code optimized will have a beneficial effect on your speed.

Upload videos externally

Putting videos on your website is a good idea. This way you get more interaction on your website and visitors stay longer on a page. Unfortunately, a video is often also the reason your website loads slower. The solution is to upload your videos in Youtube or Vimeo and then upload them on your website.

Using cache system