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How do you encourage reviews?

There are several ways to encourage reviews.
Below you will find 5 of them :

  1. Ask!

    You can get many reviews just by asking to leave a review. If you ask on your website to leave this, customers will often already do so.

  2. Make it easy

    If customers have to go through too much trouble to leave a review, they will not do so. Therefore, create a button linked to the reviews so that customers can write a review with 1 click. You could also use stars to rate a product. 5 stars is very good, 1 star is not good. For example, customers no longer even have to type anything but can click on an asterisk. This is very easy and quick for the customers.

  1. Post reviews on your website

    By displaying reviews on your website, customers can read them. That way they know that their review will also be read. So they won’t think the work is for nothing.

  2. Show negative reviews as well

    Showing only good reviews makes them appear less credible. It’s best to allow negative reviews as well.

  3. Create a review of all the feedback you receive

    You can ask your customers who have given feedback if you can use their feedback for on your website.
    Often by then they are already inclined to say “yes.”