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Fix non-functioning links

Fix non-functioning links

If you have a website, you need to make sure your links work. If these do not work, website visitors cannot see what they want to see. They will also find that the site is not that reliable. Therefore, this is because there are many errors on the site when the links are broken. The goal is to have as few errors as possible on your website. Otherwise, your website won’t look as good and fewer and fewer visitors will come to your website.

Here are some steps by which you can fix links.

Step 1: list links to your website.

Sum up which links all point to your website. You can do this with these 3 sources, among others: Google Search Console, Google Analytics or Link data provider such as Majestic.

Step 2: Test that all linked pages are working.

Having made a good list of all the links pointing to your website in step 1, you are now going to check them. Do all these links work? Therefore, you must first map out all the content on your website. You can do this easily with the ContentKing application. You miss out on link value if you have pages that are not performing well.

Step 3: fix links from non-working pages.

After previous steps, you know which links no longer work. In this step, you need to fix it. Pages that no longer work can have 2 causes: Either these pages were not found (this could be because the page was deleted or moved), or the page is giving a server error or timeout (this could be because the server is misconfigured).

Fix broken links

If the page is not found you can do 2 things:

  • Allow the page to exist again at the same URL.
    Sometimes you can bring your page back to life at the same URL. If this goes: do this!
  • Redirecting the page.
    Redirecting your page redirects it to another page. That way, the page remains pretty much the same, but it just has a different link.

If your page times out, it is due to a server error. To resolve this, it is best to contact the programmers and/or hosting provider.

Fix broken links

Step 4: Check!

Check that the improvements have been made correctly. Go to each page you have improved and check that it is really fixed.