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Collecting your basic or core keywords

When you write content, keywords should naturally be in here. These keywords allow you to be found on the Internet when someone types something into a search engine. You should try to link as many relevant keywords to your content as possible.


There is no better way to have lots of keywords than by using synonyms. For example, if you have a business that sells toilets and you write all your content about them, people who type in the word “toilet” will be more likely to see your website as a result. But, of course, there are also many people who would type in the word “toilet. Too bad because it could be incredibly relevant to them. By not using synonyms, you could be dropping a large potential customer base.

Fortunately, Google is working more and more semantically so it does recognize this as a search query with the same intent.
Collecting your basic or core keywords


It is important that your keywords get your website viewed by people who are actually potential customers. Therefore, be sure to mention your establishment. By stating your location, you will not appear as a search result for people who need a toilet in Lommel while you have an establishment in Knokke. You will appear in front of people who could effectively buy your products. People around so.

Collecting your basic or core keywords

Long tail opportunity spotting

Long tail opportunities are single keywords that make up a sentence. You can have as keywords “cheap,” “toilet,” “online,” “buy.” So you can turn these words into a sentence like “buy cheap toilet online.” This is a long tail opportunity. People looking to buy a cheap toilet online will often be a little more specific. They will not just type “toilet” because then they will come up with all types of toilets as search results. They don’t want that. So mention something more specific about your product.


You can make combinations very easily because of this. If you enter the words separately, you just need to add the word “toilet” extra, for example, and you can already create the phrase “buy cheap toilet online” right away.