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Analyze keywords of competition

A research on keywords is very important and the basis for a good strategy. In fact, by researching interesting keywords, you gain insight into how the customer is thinking about the problem. You also gain insight into the keywords to the solution of the problem. Nowadays, there are many ways to analyze your competitors’ online behavior and actions. With this information, you immediately know what your competitors do well and what they do less well. That way you can capitalize on their weaknesses and ride on their success. Analyzing at competition is certainly not forbidden, and often very instructive. Especially if those websites have already paid close attention to search engine optimization.

Analyzing internal links

Internal links contain keywords that competitors focus on. Your company should also apply this principle to structure your website. So you can analyze all of the competitors’ links. The links in their main menus, submenus, sitemaps, tag clouds, etc. are important. Be sure to apply this to your competitors’ websites that are well optimized for the search engines.

Ads on Google

When you search for your keywords in Google, you see your organization’s ads and those of direct competitors. The positions in which the ads are displayed keep changing and depend on a number of factors, including the cost per click. The actual cost per click depends on the quality score of the landing page and the maximum cost per click that competitors are willing to pay. As a result, we do not yet know whether competitors have optimized their campaigns, or whether they just have more budget available.