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Analyze backlinks from your competition

What is a backlink?

This is a link from another website to your own site. A website can use backlinks well. After all, it helps them get more website visitors.
It will also put them higher in search results which will also make more people click on them from search engines like Google.

Option backlinks

You can put a backlinks option in your menu. When your website visitors then click on this, they will see all the links that lead to your website. Of course, you can’t make every link point to your website instead of your competitor’s, but you can do this for some.

There are tools that allow you to see which links point to your competitor’s website. Of course, you must first do a proper competitive research for this. You need to find out who your real competitors are.

Link Research

After you’ve done a decent competitive research, it’s time for link research. You can view all the links individually. Find out which websites that these links, which point to your competitors’ web page, are coming from. It is also always helpful if you know how that your competitors were able to get this link. How it is that a company wants a link on its website to redirect website visitors to your competitor’s website.

Origin of the links

A link is not just put on a website. Usually this is done to link to a Web site where customers can find more information. For example, if you post a blog about something recent that has been in the news, you could leave a link pointing to this news item. This allows website visitors to learn more about the topic.

Another reason of putting links on your website that point to another website is by social media, partner websites or others. Your competitor will want to collect these backlinks in some way. It is not difficult to find out. If most of the backlinks to a competitor come from blogs, that competitor may be doing a lot of guest blogging.