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My SEO audit

How do I contribute with an SEO audit?

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we have not suffered over the past year as many others have. Therefore, we would like to give something back now. And we do it in a way that we are good at.

Through an extended video (plus minus 10 minutes), we walk through your website together and bring out the pain points. Of course, our experts are also happy to give you the necessary tips and tricks to be better findable in Google.

The €30 fee you pay for your SEO audit we transfer in full to charity. The first charity we support along with you is Think Pink. Every three months we change charities. We want to support as many different charities as possible.

By providing you with a comprehensive SEO audit of your website, we support charity and help you move forward as a business. A win-win for everyone!

You get more than value for your contribution!

At Are Agency, we work day in and day out on websites where we optimize them for Google. After your contribution to charity, we look at your website with a magnifying glass.

We turn every corner of your website inside out. We pour the result of your SEO audit into a video where one of our experts walks through your website. In this video he points out your pain points, but with each pain point we also give the necessary tips and tricks to fix this problem.

In our audit, we look at the 5 most important elements of SEO for Google:

Technical side of SEO

Bring your website in to our inspection. Our experts decide if it is safe to release your website back into Google’s search traffic.

How big is your network?

The network of backlinks your website has is of great importance to Google.

How guest-free are you?

Providing a good user experience to your website visitors is very important. The longer your visitors stick around on your website, the greater the chances of conversions.

What do you offer your guests?

Are you welcoming your visitors with a tasty beverage or valuable content?

Do you use a smartphone?

Then you probably already know what time it is. Having a mobile-friendly website is not only valuable for Google but also for your website visitors.

Short roadmap to guide you through the process

We would like to give you a brief overview of how we work, so you know what to expect.


Give us a call

Do you want an SEO audit and contribute to charity at the same time? Give us a call! Once we have received your €30 good, then we will start your SEO audit.

We walk through your website together

We pour the results of your audit into a video where we walk through your website together. We explain all the pain points on your website. Of course, we won't leave you out in the cold with just the working points. We like to warm you up with all kinds of tips and tricks to optimize your website.

Not satisfied? Money back!

We want you to value our audits. That's why we guarantee you that our experts will do their best to fully screen your website.<br>
To reach out to you, we are happy to give you the option of a refund afterwards if you are not satisfied. The purpose of this action is to give something back to society. We want to achieve this by helping both you and the charity.

Ready to do your part and receive an SEO audit?


What to expect:

  • Supporting charity
  • Receiving an SEO audit (10 min video)
  • Being overloaded with tips and tricks
I support


How soon will I receive my audit?

We will schedule your SEO audit as soon as possible. We guarantee to get your audit out there as soon as possible.

Can I request more than one audit?

Absolutely! The more money we raise for charity, the better.

Do you also analyze English-language websites?

Definitely. We analyze both English-language and Dutch-language websites.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Of course. As a customer, you are entitled to that. We sincerely hope this will not be necessary, but you never know of course.

What charities do you support?

We start by supporting Think Pink. In the future, we switch charities every three months so that we help as many people as possible.