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What is a tripwire?

In the marketing world, this is often compared to a self-liquidating offer. A tripwire is an almost irresistible, low-ball offer with only one goal in mind, to turn your visitor into a customer.

You won’t get rich from it but it creates a change in the relationship between them. This turns a lead or prospect into an actual customer. Even if it costs only 1 euro, it creates a change in the relationship.


If you’re looking for a domain name and you get the chance to purchase it for 99 cents, you won’t have to think twice. You know it’s a great deal.

But suppose after a few weeks you still need 2 domain names. You will return to the same provider who has already sold you a domain for 99 cents. You know you get what you pay for, it’s already confidential work and you keep everything easily in one account.

But this time, as a customer, you will pay the normal price.

As a seller, you make a one-time small loss or offer a very inexpensive product or service with the intention of getting a repeat customer. Once he or she is in your customer base you can begin up-sells.

Tripwire marketing is usually part of a sales funnel.

What is tripwire marketing not?

A tripwire is not the same as a coupon.

-40% may also seem like a fantastic offer but it is not the same as a tripwire offer. The threshold for going somewhere new to buy something you have no experience with (even at a discount) is many times higher than buying something for a few euros.