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The Online Mark: January 2020

At Are Agency, we kick off the year with a bang. This is what January looked like.

HubSpot Silver

That we are an official HubSpot partner, you already knew. But as of now, we are even a “HubSpot Silver Partner”! Next up: HubSpot Gold!

Wondering what HubSpot can do for your business? Our HubSpot expert Jeffrey is only too happy to explain it to you!

Kimberly joined the team!

This week Kimberly joined our team! She will take care of all your social media – and design needs.

Wondering what she’s all about? Then be sure to check out her portfolio and be awed by her sleek designs.

How to recognize her on our team?

✔️ She is small in stature, but delivers great works.

✔️ She admits she often has an evil look, but we put it down to the focus with which she works.

✔️ Her inexhaustible motivation!

Closing we do with a golden tip from Kimberly: you do you! – Do what you love to do, because only then will you deliver the best results! Now that’s the Are-spirit! Welcome to the team Kimberly!


We are also pleased to announce our new intern. Meet Davy. This computer hero will join our team for the next 9 weeks, perfecting your websites in every detail.

In fact, Davy has been bitten by everything to do with websites. CSS, HTML and Javascript hold no secrets for him. He also closely follows the latest trends; this is his preliminary analysis for the current state of affairs:

✔️ Waze: extremely convenient

✔️ Nonogram: extremely addictive

✔️ Instagram: extremely useless

Where does Davy get his inspiration from? Just clear his head, headphones on and a fat 80’s disc. Davy is all set, but are you ready for Davy?

Are Agency continues to grow! Next week we will announce another 2 new faces!

Stay Tuned!