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The Online Mark: February 2020

Phew, January is already over. How did your first month of 2020 go? We are off to a productive start and at the beginning of this month we were pleased to welcome 2 new faces.

Nor did we dwell on Are Agency in February. There are some new faces that we would like to introduce to you.

You won’t believe it, but we keep going. Megan is also happy to introduce herself! After 3 years of Cross Media Management, she is ready for the real world. And of that world she comes to get a taste at Are Agency. A social media queen she is not, yet she enjoys her daily scroll through Twitter – her personal newspaper. Megan describes herself as an introverted social chameleon with a creative heart. A day off she spends in the kitchen or glued to the television screen with her new Netflix obsession. Her great passion is writing. English? You got it! Dutch? Put me to work. As long as she can create, she is overjoyed: writing, photography, tinkering in Photoshop. She ventures into all areas of the profession. She certainly doesn’t say no to a challenge.


And last but not least, Tiemen! He is our new digital jack-of-all-trades. Want to have your website taken in hand? Yep, then you’re in luck! After all, he is one out of a thousand(leg). Tiemen turns out to be a true mystery: his hidden talent he likes to keep, well… hidden. A nickname he doesn’t have yet, anyone suggestions?

His best advice? Always back up. Motivation he doesn’t need, because motivated he just always is. Maybe that’s his hidden talent? Pure happiness for Tiemen includes a strong beer, dolphin candy and his desk in his room. Sounds like a pure oasis, right?


Did you know that Are Agency also organizes workshops? Yes, you heard correctly, we love to share our knowledge with the world. In fact, one is coming. On March 27, none other than Ruben Baestaens will give a workshop on social media advertising. The bottom line for any entrepreneur: give your content that extra push and reach more people that way. Do you want to be there? Tickets can be purchased here.


Please welcome our personal wiki. Do you have questions about WordPress or SEO? If so, you will undoubtedly find your answer on our wiki. Of course, we are still working on additions, so do you have any questions or suggestions? Please feel free to let us know. Explore the Are wiki here!