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What marketing trends will be successful in 2017?

What will be the new marketing trends of the future? How can your business keep up with the times? Find out the most successful marketing trends in this article.

1. Video ads will dominate in 2017

One of the best-known marketing trends is undoubtedly video ads.
seems to have been around forever, and companies such as
and Bing offer video ads. This year saw an acceleration in the video advertising world.
developed a new concept: In-SERP video ads. As a result, users of the popular search program will see more video ads on the websites they visit. You wouldn’t expect it, but video ads will appear on your screen on a regular basis. Since Google now owns
, the virtual possibilities are endless.

The collaboration between Google and Youtube will have major implications for video ads.

2. Application indexing will be explosive in 2017

Google indexed the various applications for a time. Ranking criteria are becoming more complicated, so companies are aware that the benefits of a well-developed application will have a positive impact on rankings.

Good and clear mobile websites are sure to appeal to users. Yet applications are gaining in popularity. Applications can basically do the same thing as normal Web sites. The big advantage is that these applications are faster and more accessible to users. As a company, be sure to capitalize on this.

Applications will become even more important in the future. Focus on a fast and accessible application for your business.

3. Digital assistants lead to better optimization in 2017

When we talk about marketing trends, we immediately think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). These two popular techniques are used to make your website known to unknown visitors.

Innovation is a core concept in the digital world. There are already several digital assistants such as Siri and
. These digital assistants also use traditional search engines, but do so only when explicitly asked a question. Try to make sure your information is easily accessible to digital assistants.

Microsoft developed the digital assistant Cortana. This AI helps you search for information in a targeted way.

4. Virtual reality is the future

A lot of new virtual reality developments will be launched in the coming years. Some are developed specifically for video games, but there are also new programs for general use.

is one of the most innovative developments of recent years. It offers the opportunity to start advertising on social media and video channels in a whole new way.

In this article, we have tried to show you the marketing trends of the future. Be vigilant and take advantage of innovations to grow your business!