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Last year at their annual I/O Developper conference,Google announced several new features, one of which was a new feature for the mobile version of Google Maps. Specifically, the Augmented Reality Visual Position System, or VPS for short. Now that immediately rings a bell because it looks a lot like Global Positioning System, our GPS that is.

The feature has been live in for a while for a select group of users, it seemed that you had to reach a certain level as a Google Local Guide before getting the feature. We ourselves have someone on our team who achieved this level and thus has the feature. So we tested it out for you.


Importantly, though,Google doeseverything it can to keep this safe; you should hold the device up high so the camera can scan the surroundings. By scanning these she can compare them with her data from Streetview, the interaction between the two allows the VPS system to do its job through AR.

So we tested out the feature ourselves by looking for the nearest supermarket, using the voice search option andGoogle offeredus the following option. At the intersection in front of our office there are several roads we can take, so it is not always clear on a small map exactly where to go. As you can see in the picture above, clues appear on top of your camera’s image.
In addition, some hidden features will also possibly still appear, for example, during the movie on the talk there was a fox showing you the way.

Want to see what was covered about Google Maps & Lens? Then you can watch this video.


When this feature will roll out to the general public is currently unclear, the is entire VPS system is still in the development phase.Google does not want to release it until it is 100% satisfied with its functionality.

Through this link, then, you can watch a video of how it’s done.

Now, there are still some reservations we have about this, for example, you have to hold your device up high every time you use it, which can give many strange looks.
But what intrigues us most is the possibilities that are still hiding, things that were not covered in the short film but were on the I/O. The I/O did last two hours so those interested can always check it out. Those who do not want to watch a two-hour video can also watch The Verge’s summary.

Now we all know the concept of ads onGoogle and Social Media, the I/O showed thatGoogle had thought about this. Thus, properties of companies that come into view are going to be able to place ads within the VPS system. Just imagine you are on a city trip and on your way to a monument. You use the VPS system because you are a total stranger in this new city, and suddenly you see a pop-up ad for a breakfast café with a special offer. You walk right past it so you can also see right away if this interests you.

This could be drawn much more broadly, of course, but again the opportunity behind it is enormous. We are already looking forward to it and trying to figure out everything about how it will work. As soon as the features go live for ad we will include them ASAP in our services!