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Buyer persona, who are they?

Have you also come across the term “buyer persona” but it doesn’t mean much to you? Then you have come to the right place with this blog, because here we explain to you briefly but powerfully what exactly a buyer persona is and the benefits of using it.

What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customer. In doing so, you best base yourself on market research and data from already existing customers. You can break this down into demographic data such as gender, age, place of residence …, but also data about his online behavior.

Therefore, it is a useful tool that is going to help you understand the audience you want to reach. You can then use this information in your sales and marketing.

What will a buyer persona help with?

1. They help you think customer-focused.

When creating a buyer persona, you get answers to a lot of questions such as: Who are they? What keeps them busy? What pain points are they experiencing? Where is the best place to reach them?

Based on these questions, you can start thinking about the value your products/services offer them versus those of competitors. But also about the buying cycle a potential customer goes through. In what way you communicate with your customer and through what channels you reach them.

In this way, you can begin to better align your current practices with your customer’s needs and requirements.

2. They put everyone on the same wavelength.

Developing a buyers persona is going to ensure that your team gets on the same page, because the different departments are all going to have the same goal in mind: to help customers with their purchase, wherever they are within the customer journey.

3. They make it easier to create relevant content.

If you know what your ideal client’s questions and pain points are, you can better address them as well. Namely, you make sure that the content you create answers this and then adds value.

You’ll also get a better idea of what forms of content (blog post, infographic, video …) your buyer persona prefers over others.

Therefore, developing a buyer persona is of great importance in creating a good content plan that generates a lot of interaction.

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4. They allow you to better focus your website on conversion.

Once you know what information your buyers are looking for, you can start optimizing your website accordingly. In doing so, it is best to pay attention to the usability of your website. In which you use appropriate calls-to-action. This is going to make visitors convert more easily.

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