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A content calendar allows you to schedule your content in a structured and orderly manner. The content calendar tells you who is responsible for publishing, when your content should be published, what exactly the content entails, what form your content will come in and who the content is for.

Tip #1: Include interesting dates in your content calendar

Add the most obvious dates to your calendar such as Easter, New Year, Valentine’s Day … It may seem a little too obvious, but that is precisely the power of these dates. Because people recognize things they feel confident. Be careful here not to let yourself get too carried away by the thought of these dates. Always find a link to your company’s core business;

Tip 2: Make sure your visuals are on point

You probably know the saying “1 picture says more than a thousand words. Find an image powerful enough to support your message. Be careful with your visuals, though:

  • Pay attention to user rights, preferably use a database.
  • Be sure to preserve the quality of your image.
  • Avoid a watermark.

Tip 3: Use enough variety in your content

Use enough variety in your content. A page that publishes the same content over and over again starts to get boring after a while. Dare to interact by using a poll, a dilemma or a question. You can also respond to current events through a blog post, an infographic or by giving your visitor some tips. The possibilities of social media are vast; it would be a shame not to take advantage of them all. Dare to play with this.

Tip 4: Leverage all the capabilities of your team

It’s good that you put one person in charge of the content calendar. But you can’t expect that one person to be able to suck all the content out of their thumb. Get together with the team and organize a brainstorming session. Get the whole team thinking about the content, you will be amazed how many creative ideas will come out.

Tip 5: Stay up-to-date

Usually you create a content calendar well in advance. However, technology keeps evolving, and trends shoot out like potatoes. So follow the latest developments closely. Prepare for these surprises by always providing space in your content calendar. Dare to deviate from your established pattern!