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10 Ways to get more clicks on your Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are one of the most cost effective tools you can use to increase awareness of your brand or product. With this, Facebook gives you the opportunity to tap into its vast database of “prospects” and convert them into paying customers.

Advertisers who have learned to work effectively with Facebook ads enjoy high click-through and conversion rates.

They manage to reach their target audience regularly with relevant posts.

But not everyone has already learned the same skills to make your campaign as effective as possible. So many different facets creep into a campaign that you quickly lose the common thread.

Now the main question : What can you do to get the highest possible click-through rate on Facebook Ads?

  1. Change the placement of your product.

Change and reorganize the way you present your product. You can do the same with the accompanying text. Choose 2-3 versions that you yourself are most a fan of and activate them for a week. See which one performs best and go with this.

Then you create another A/B test against the best-performing ad.

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2. Change the colors of your main product.

Are you showing different things in your ad? Then make sure the most beautiful or exceptional piece stands out. You can do this, for example, by choosing a colored garment or adjusting the background.

But also be careful that the background doesn’t push your product away.
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3. Use images that are eye-catching

So many photos pass by on your Facebook wall. As a result, you no longer notice much of it (consciously).

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4. Use the word FREE

The word “free” acts almost as a trigger for those who see the ad. Why not click, if you have nothing to lose anyway?

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5. Post text that directly addresses your target audience

Do not use boring general sentences. But post something that interests, motivates or moves your target audience. And also suddenly tell him/her what to do.

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6. Change your “targeting” options

Facebook Ad Center gives thousands of options for selecting and segmenting your target audience. But do you have the right audience for it?

Maybe thirty-somethings respond to your ad better than twenty-somethings anyway?

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7. Adjust your ad frequency.

Facebook allows you to specify how many times someone sees your ad. If he hasn’t clicked after 3 times it might be interesting to put your money into someone else.

Facebook ad frequency


8. Optimize your ad based on data from your ad center

By looking at the numbers, you’ll soon know what works and what doesn’t for your product or service. Do more of what works and stop the ads that do not achieve the desired results.

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9. Make use of social evidence

Even online, social peer pressure works. If you show others using your product you remove all the danger of them buying junk.

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10. Take advantage of time pressure

This may seem a bit pusillanimous but it is certainly effective. If they don’t decide now they will lose the opportunity to enjoy this promotion.

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So what does a good ad look like?

A great example of a good and effective ad is that of Hootsuite:

Facebook ad creation