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What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a shopping cart plugin for WordPress. That is, it does not come with WordPress by default. If you want to use Woocommerce, you need to install this plugin first.
You can do this easily by following the step-by-step plan on Are Agency’s ‘what is a plugin’ page.

So thanks to WooCommerce, payment transactions can happen on your website.
WooCommerce offers several payment options such as PayPal, CreditCardn transfer to even Bitcoin.

The various benefits of WooCommerce:

  • The basic functions are completely free
  • You can send invoices directly and automatically from WooCommerce
  • Create discount codes.
  • You can have shipping costs automatically calculated based on weight, country, distance….

In short, you are fully set to launch a strong web shop.


You can use WooCommerce perfectly without any extras. A lot of companies do this but you can also use extensions, which will allow you to do even more with the plugin. Unfortunately, the extensions are not all free. Some examples of extensions:

  • Offer products with recurring payment (subscriptions)
  • Award an extra discount to your customer when they share their order on social media
  • You can use a special PostNL plugin to calculate shipping costs