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What are the social signals in your industry?

Through social signals, search engines know how popular your business is. If you have many likes, shares, followers…, people (as well as search engines) will think your business is popular.
These signals will help determine the ranking of your business/website for a piece.

Search engines

The purpose of search engines is to let Internet users find what they are looking for. They will show the popular and quality websites first. The worse and lesser-known websites will not immediately appear in the search results.

Examples of social signals:

  • Facebook page likes
  • Facebook likes on posts
  • Facebook shares
  • Number of comments on a photo
  • Number of Tweets and retweets and followers on Twitter
  • Number of instagram followers/likes
  • Number of mentions of your company on platforms such as Reddit

So rising social signals are very positive for your business. When a page gets liked or shared a lot, it means that the page contains interesting or entertaining content. People want to start looking at websites they think are interesting or entertaining.

Managing well

It is very important that you manage your social media well. If you have a Facebook page with only 1 like, not many people are going to visit it. Indeed; they will no longer be interested in your business. If a business is good, people will think and expect it to have a successful Facebook page. So if you have a page that is not popular, try to make it popular! It can put people off if you have no or few likes. The more social signals, the better.

Some tips for having good social cues:

  • Post content daily
  • Use images (with ALT tag of course)
  • Use people’s comments and try to improve and listen to them
  • Track the progress of your likes, shares …
  • Organize contests so people can win something. This creates more awareness.
  • Use as many social media platforms as possible.