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Use ALT tags

Use ALT tags

What is an ALT tag?

When you post text to a page, you usually include an image with it. Images make texts more fun to read. Google can read the text of a page, but not the image, of course. That’s why you can apply an ALT tag to your image. This allows you to give a kind of label to your images and in this way write with it what the image is exactly about. Then Google will know how relevant it is.

How do you use an ALT tag?

It is incredibly simple to add an ALT tag to an image. You only need to do 2 simple steps:

  1. Once you have added an image, you can add details of the image (by the pencil at the corner of the image, framed or not).
  2. Under “ALT Text” or “Alternative Text,” enter the description of the image. (You can also attach a caption; these are often read as well).

Use ALT tagsUse ALT tags

Alternative to image

An ALT tag is very important for pages you want to make easily findable.

Also, if for some reason your images don’t load, the ALT tag will pop up. That way, your website visitor can still know what the image is, even if he doesn’t see it.