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SEO-friendly URLs

Make URLs SEO friendly

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. This refers to the location of the web page.

It is important that your URLs are clear. Your website visitor should be able to read your URL. If your URL consists of www.website/lkdjqfl/ozeuio.be then this is not at all clear what part of the website you are on. It is better to create a URL in this form: www.website/home/contact.be

The keywords in your URL are also very important. These keywords will make your website more quickly found by search engines on the Internet. They can start indexing your web page faster and more efficiently.

Make URLs SEO friendly

Here are some tips to make your URL SEO friendly.

  • Maximum 65 characters
    Briefly articulate what page the visitor is on.
  • Always readable URLs (no url?q=category or url?q=h#div1)
    Use intelligible words instead of long id numbers in your URL. This makes it clear to the user what content will be seen on the page.
  • As short as possible
    The visitor should have read the URL at a glance.
  • In lower case
    Capital letters make it complicated.
  • As relevant as possible to the content on your page
    If you have a restaurant website, create URL related to your restaurant. So there should be no perfume or anything in it. Keep it relevant.
  • Spaces are represented by “-” characters.
    Use hyphens (-) in place of underscores (_) to indicate spaces between words.