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How does the WordPress message toolbar work?

Step 1: The basics
  • On the left, you can choose which heading to use. You can choose the normal Paragraph. This is the plain text you are reading. You can also choose Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3… These are the types of titles you want to give to a sentence. For example, you could use the phrase “How does the WordPress toolbar work?” Giving Heading E. This makes it a great main title. Intermediate titles you can then give Heading 3, Heading 4….
  • Your general title is always H1 so that in the text itself you only start from H2 onwards
  • To bold your text, select that text and click on the bold B.
  • Put your text in italics by clicking on the slanted I.
  • If you want to use a bulleted list, you can click one of the buttons above. The left button provides bulleted forms. Here is a sphere as a shape. The right-hand button provides bulleted lists with numbers.
  • Clicking on the two quotation marks will move your text block to the right. This as a sign that it is a citation. This applies to an entire block of text, not just 1 sentence or 1 word.


  • Align text to the left? Then click the button to the right of the 2 quotation marks.
  • Center text? Use the middle button
  • Align text to the right? You guessed it, the right button.
  • If you want to add a URL, you need to click on the chain you see above to the left.
    Want to abbreviate your text? Then click this button. This one will introduce a “read more…” button, this will make your reader curious. Give it a try!
Step 2: Second row of the toolbar
  • Clicking the penultimate button from the right to start will cause a second row of the toolbar to be visible or hidden.
  • If you want to cross out your text, you can do so by selecting it and clicking on the button shown on the left above. The ABC button.
  • If you want a horizontal line between text blocks, you must click the button with a line on it.
    To the right you will find the button to adjust your text colors.
  • Something copied? Paste it into text form by clicking the button with a T.
    Removing formatting ? The eraser is your best friend.
    If you want to insert a symbol such as a euro sign, a greater-than sign… you have to click the button to the right of the eraser
  • To jump in to the right, you must click the button above with the right arrow.
    Then to move your text back to the left, you need to click the button above with a left arrow.
  • If you want to reverse a change, you must click the button with the little arrow in an arc to the left. This is how you go back one change. Then, if it turns out that this change was a good idea after all, you can reset it by clicking the button with an arrow pointing to the right.
  • If you want to use all these characters quickly, you can do so by typing “ctrl” in combination with a letter. For example, if you want a word in bold, you can click on the B. But you can also select this word and click the ‘ctrl’ and ‘B’ keys. All the combinations that exist to edit your text in this quick way can be found when you click on the button with a question mark. This is on the far right side of the toolbar.