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How do I give a discount?

In WooCommerce, you have four types of discounts you can give to your customers.
You have shopping discount, shopping discount in percent, product discount, product discount in percent.

Store Basket Discount

With shopping cart discounts, you are going to deduct an amount from what the customer has in their shopping cart. Here you can set from how many euros are in the shopping cart, when the customer gets his shopping cart discount. For example from products worth €70.00 in the product basket, the customer gets a discount of €10.00.

Shopper discount in percent

For the shopping cart discount in percent, proceed the same as above. The only difference is that you don’t give a certain amount as a discount, but a certain percentage. For example from goods worth €50.00 in the shopping basket, the customer receives a 10% discount on the full amount.

Product discount

With product discounts, you’re going to deduct a certain amount from each product the customer buys. You can also enter a maximum of products on which this discount is valid. For example, you can offer a product discount of $5.00 on the first 3 products the customer buys.

Product discount in percent

For product discounts in percent, proceed the same as above. You’re just not going to give a value as a discount, but a percentage. For example, on every product you buy, you get 5% off.

How do I give this discount in WooCommerce?

  1. Log in to your website
  2. Go to WooCommerce
  3. Go to Discount Vouchers or Coupons
  4. Enter the coupon
    Enter how much discount you want to give
  5. Click ‘Publish’ or ‘Publish’ to put your discount online