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How do I add a blog post?

  1. Log in to your website
  2. Go to ‘blog posts’
  3. Click on ‘add new’
  4. Give your blog a title and type your text in the large box below it
  5. You can add an image if you wish
    You can do this by copying and pasting an image into your text. You can also do this by using the “Add media” button located on the top left of your text. You can then choose to use an image you’ve used before, or you can add an image of your own by clicking ‘Upload files’. Then choose your desired image and click ‘insert into post’ in the bottom right corner
  6. Don’t forget the ALT text
    It is always best to adjust the Alt text of an image. It’s best to change it to the title of the blog this image is on. You can do this by clicking on the image and then clicking on the pencil icon at the top right of the image. A window will open that says “Alternative text. You can simply change this to your blog title and then click ‘update’ in the bottom right corner.
  7. Click ‘publish’ or ‘publish’ when you are done