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What is the Facebook Pixel?

Pixels are often used across ad platforms. A pixel leaves a “Cookie” from your website on your visitor’s computer. From now on, you know who your visitor is and can re-target them.

The Pixel can also be used to study browsing/purchasing behavior, and measure the effectiveness of your ads.

The Facebook Pixel explained

What was the Facebook Pixel before :

Facebook used a custom audience pixel that allowed re-targeting, this along with a conversion pixel (to measure online sales, for example) . Each ad account could only use one custom audience pixel, but you could create as many conversion pixels as you wanted.

What is the Facebook Pixel now :

Ever since 2015, Facebook has been working on the new Facebook Pixel.

One pixel to replace all others

This pixel will be the only one you still need, it provides re-targeting, optimization and follow-up at the same time.

What is the facebook pixel