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What is Content Marketing?

Today, consumers are almost allergic to traditional forms of advertising. As a result, they will (un)consciously block the messages on TV,radio and magazines and so as a company you spend a lot of money for a relatively low impact.

But there’s a better way to reach your consumer without disturbing him or her; in fact, you’re helping them.

Content marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract new customers and keep in touch with paying customers.

The PURPOSE of content marketing is to ensure that consumers connect with your brand, company or image. It is a process that does not stand alone; you must also exude the right values that your customer expects in all other areas. But when you add this to your existing marketing tactics, it has a fantastic impact.

You communicate with your potential customers by offering relevant and interesting articles, videos, images, info-graphics… that look visually beautiful and solve the customer’s problems.

It also increases your findability through search engines because you have more content online on which to be found.



what is content marketing