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I see many of you thinking, what exactly is marketing?

Marketing is something that takes a lot of time, especially if you have a lot of other work to do with running your own business.

Let me give an example:
You have developed a fantastic product that can be used by half the world. This even at a very decent price. You also have a great website and super employees. Also, you have spent money on creating a beautiful logo. All paper work is in order…. In short, you have everything perfectly ready for the public opening.

Finally, the big moment has arrived when you open your doors to the public. But what do you soon notice? nothing happens, not 1 product is sold… You ask yourself, what went wrong. Does the product perhaps have the wrong color?

NO, the problem is that you have spent far too little time luring potential future customers. Now it is too late to start working on this. In fact, this takes some time to get going. Your business is costing you money and you find that your cash flow is quickly drying up….

Only now do you effectively notice the importance of a good marketing strategy. This little story brings us to our first tip for avoiding this.

1. Start marketing as soon as possible.

Don’t wait until everything is down to the last detail. You have a company name? Super, that’s enough to start prospecting. Michael Dunlop has collected thousands of email addresses by giving away information about his product along with an email “sign up” to be notified when the product launches.

Then, when the product finally came to market effectively, he sent an email to all the people who had expressed interest in his company.

Guess what happened next? Indeed, he made hundreds of sales the first day his business opened to the public.

Moral of the story : Start as soon as possible

2. Use a marketing strategy

There are too many companies that start with the best intentions but unfortunately, they soon find that their campaign is not going the way they thought it would. They invest a lot of time and money in 1-2 special stunts for some media attention. This may seem like a good idea at first but if you are not consistent with it you will not keep many customers.

You have to develop a strategy that you can sustain. A strategy that creates a brand experience. The better known your brand is, the more trust your customer has in your company and the faster he will buy.

3. Show that you are unique

Don’t start selling soft drinks that duplicate coca cola but under a different name. The chances of your customer preferring you (as a new brand) to an established company are very, very slim.

Even if yours tastes a little better and is a little cheaper. Consumers remain loyal to what they know and trust.

Show that there are differences between you and your competitor. Tell a story in which you are better and why. People love a good story and this is something they will remember.

4. Be “cool”

There is nothing worse than a company using the same marketing campaign for the last 50 years. Don’t fall behind and get with the times. Things change quickly; you must do the same to stay competitive.

I can’t think of a large company without a solid site. The Internet is still something relatively new.

Never hesitate to try something new and refreshing. Your customers love this (as long as you don’t change everything at once) And what do you really have to lose by trying something new?

If it doesn’t work, too bad. If it does work, you can make millions. So don’t be the person who passes up an innovation or a brilliant moment.

5. Never forget the customers you already have

You made a sale at the beginning of your marketing funnel. Super, but you should never forget that you can sell to this customer again in the future. This is something many companies sin against. They sell to a customer and forget about him after this.

You have to look at it this way : your customer has taken a first step and given you his hard earned money in exchange for YOUR product. This builds a bond of trust and he will probably want to buy from you again( As long as your product is not junk).

Resell to your customers, give a special promotion or discount because he has been a member for so long or because he has already bought something.

6. Not everything happens in the beginning

By this is meant, selling to new customers. This is just the first step in the sales process. These are often people who do not yet fully trust you. They have no personal connection to your brand (yet).

Research has shown that the best time to sell something with a “cold call” is after 12 emails. Once you pass this milestone, it becomes much easier to get someone in as a client. This is because they are used to receiving your business regularly in their inbox.

If you handle this well, they’ll even look forward to your next email.

7. Create a need for your product

You have to make them feel that they are getting much better with the help of your product. Your product solves a pain or sensitive problem. You have to make sure it gets emotional.

Show them where they have a problem, rub this problem like vinegar on an open wound and make them feel this pain as hard as possible. NOW, you may call this emotional. After this is done, you just have to show them how to easily solve this problem. Using your product or service.

Voila, your sale is in. (After this, think back to step 6)

8. Build brand awareness

If you’re only going to remember one tip, make it this one. People like to buy from companies they know. If you have a well-known brand, people automatically come off to you. This provides a sense of security. They already trust you because you have a certain reputation.

Take care of this reputation with care. Do everything you can for your client. If they are satisfied they are going to pass it on to friends and family.

Let’s use the example of Coca Cola again :
Apparently Pepsi tastes better, this is what a blind test showed. So why do people prefer Coke anyway? Because it is familiar. Their marketing budget is so big and they do so many promotions that their product must be better. Or at least that’s how it comes across to consumers.

I hope you enjoyed this first article. You can always share it with your friends, I’m sure they will get something out of this too.

ps : do you guys maybe have a ninth marketing tip I can add to this?