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The online mark

Hey ,

As you have already read in the August newsletter, 2019 has already been a very eventful year within Are Agency. However, we have not been idle. Join us for a look behind the scenes.

The newsletter in a new look

‘Newsletter’ sounds but boring right? Therefore, we decided to put a new name on it. But how do you start that? Are we copying the big players? The Are Times … Why not? Well, we must not lose our individuality. There are already plenty of others, so copying does not make you unique. Stay true to your brand!

The online mark is representative of Are Agency. This is what we do, we create impact and leave your mark online. We make sure you are found, and once you are found, we make an impression that leaves its mark. This newsletter is already one of our online marks, Are you ready to leave yours behind?

First company car

Are Agency is growing and that was immediately evident internally. Maxim was surprised with the first company car within Are Agency. No more wasting hours on public transportation, Maxim now solves all your marketing riddles in no time!

Are merchandise

You may or may not have seen it pop up on our social channels, but our new merchandise is also in. Comfortable, yet professional! Will you soon become an Are Agency ambassador?

are merch 2

The Are Agency trainings are back!

We weren’t sitting still with the new start of the academic year either. September 13 we kicked off with a first workshop: ‘Social Media Advertising’, part of Syntra’s ‘Make work of your business’ module where entrepreneurs get the chance to make their business flourish.

It’s not just workshops. Ruben is sharing his knowledge with the future and will start teaching digital marketing again at Thomas More Hogeschool in Mechelen as of Friday 20/09!

Be sure to keep an eye on us, as we have a whole series of trainings and workshops coming soon ! Never stop learning !

Are Agency recruits

Do you know another true digital native from Marketing, Communication Management, Cross Media, etc. or simply someone who is super driven and still looking for a nice internship with growth opportunities? Then feel free to contact us, as we still have a few spots available!