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The online mark

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October, the month when we turn the clock back another hour, celebrate Halloween, but also the month when we send out our 3rd newsletter, henceforth “The Online Mark.

Entrepreneurial Kickoff 2019

On Oct. 8, Are Agency was at the Entrepreneurial Kickoff, the annual kickoff for the new, entrepreneurial academic year in Antwerp. A gathering of some 800 youth, students, teachers, partners and other interested parties on KdG’s South Campus to inform, support and motivate all young people in the city to become entrepreneurs.

Internship at Are Agency

Do you know another true digital native from the fields of Marketing, Communication Management and Cross Media or simply someone who is super driven and still looking for a nice internship with growth opportunities? If so, please feel free to contact us! Please note that places are becoming increasingly limited.

In early November, our new intern Alisson is already starting. What she can do for you? You’ll read about that next month in The Online Mark!

HubSpot concrete

We announced earlier that we are an official HubSpot partner. We used professional terms such as “goal-based nurturing” and “attribution reporting. Nice words, but what exactly does HubSpot mean? Well, let’s outline it briefly:

HubSpot is a digital platform that brings together the most important online marketing tools. Thanks to HubSpot, you accomplish all your digital goals in a structured way. How? Well, the platform perfectly matches its CRM – customer relationship management – database to potential customers and provides the ideal interaction between marketing, sales and service.

Marketing: generate leads/information requests
Sales: convert leads into customers.
Service: turn customers into promoters for your brand.

What all can I do with HubSpot?

Everything under one roof, but what exactly is possible? We put our focus on marketing, specifically inbound marketing. We make sure you are found online and convert leads into customers. For this, we deliver valuable content at the right time in the right place to the right people. Then we measure the results and make adjustments.

Why HubSpot?

HubSpot helps generate leads automatically where you identify the needs of (potential) customers. Personalize the way you work, lose less time thanks to automation and spend more time on things you are really good at or enjoy doing. Even without the necessary baggage, you will soon be able to support your marketing with it.

Wondering what HubSpot can do for your business? I am happy to explain it to you. Through this link you can make an appointment in advance.

See you in November (or sooner)!