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Optimal use of local SEO for your business

Not every business will benefit from using local SEO techniques, but it is a useful area for many small businesses. If you sell your products or services locally, you need to promote them to people searching for what they need in your area. Local SEO can be difficult to get right, especially when trying to fit local keywords naturally into your content. There are several key areas of focus in addition to more general SEO best practices. With the rise of mobile search, using local SEO services is more important than ever, so getting it right is essential.

Mobile and voice search

Mobile Internet use outpaced desktop use for the first time in 2016. It grew from less than 5 percent of pages loaded in 2010 to 51.3 percent in 2016. Not only are people using mobile devices more than ever, but Google says that (in the U.S.) 41 percent of adults and more than half of teens use voice search daily. These are essential statistics to consider for local SEO. Something to think about in relation to local SEO is the way people use voice search. For example, they can ask for something “near me” and then use a map application to scroll through their options.

Optimal use of local SEO for your business

Keeping local content natural

Local keywords and phrases should be included in the content if you want to promote your local business. However, this can seem tricky to do, and many people get it wrong. You don’t want to put place names in irrelevant content. If you use local SEO services from a professional, they will always provide you with relevant local content. For example, if you want to promote your fitness business in Oxford, you can use a blog post about the best running routes in and around Oxford.

Company listings are important

The Yellow Pages may not be as relevant as it once was, but to get your business in the right places, it still matters. Instead of printing an ad in the phone book, you should now list your business online in important places. This includes claiming your Google My Business page, which ensures that your business can be easily found in Google Maps and displayed at the top of search engine search results pages.

Optimal use of local SEO for your business

Your page should contain sufficient information, including a clear description, opening hours, contact information and photos. Local SEO services can provide you with the tools you need to sort out both your on-page and off-page SEO, including completing your GMB page.

Spend time cultivating positive reviews

Reviews can make a big difference to how people perceive your business. And when they are looking for local businesses, they may be out and about and making quick decisions on their phone or other mobile device. Your reviews and ratings are probably one of the things they consider to make their choice faster. You can encourage people to leave good reviews, but one of the most important things to do is respond to reviews. You can present yourself as a friendly local business even if reviews are not so positive.

Optimal use of local SEO for your business

Get your local SEO right if you want to promote your business to local people. Whether your business is online or offline, logging into your local community is essential.