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Find your target audience with Facebook Ads

Facebook has 2 billion monthly users, making it a top site for advertising your business. In addition to being able to promote a post from your Facebook page, you also have the option of using pay-per-click ads. But with so many people on Facebook, using it in different ways, how do you find your audience? Facebook ads offer numerous ways to target your ads, making it easier to advertise to the right people and allowing you to avoid annoying people who are not interested in your brand.

Know who you are looking for

You can’t find your audience on Facebook unless you know who they are. You should already have a good understanding of your target market and demographics. If you’re just starting out, or if you think it’s time to take another look at your audience, you may want to do some research. You may want to refine your understanding of your target market by creating buyer personas, which you can use to inform your advertising and marketing materials. Part of your research should involve what social media your target audience uses and how they use it.

Find your target audience with Facebook Ads

Understand who is using Facebook

It is worth remembering that Facebook ads are not appropriate for every brand or product. Some people say it’s not ideal for ad services, and you might struggle to find your audience if you’re looking for a particular audience that’s not big on using Facebook. A wide variety of people use Facebook, but that does not mean it is always the most appropriate platform to advertise on. There are some important things to consider, such as that the majority of Facebook users are under 35, or that Facebook use declines somewhat as people earn more. This information can be found in several places online.

Find your target audience with Facebook Ads

Get a grip on Facebook targeting

Facebook allows you to target your ads so you can make sure you reach the right people. The targeting tools are not difficult to use, but you can always hire someone with more experience to manage your ads for you. You can target your ads in several ways, including:

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behavior

You can do much more with targeting on Facebook ads than you might expect, so it’s worth spending some time getting familiar with your options. Explore the various targeting options available so you know what is possible.

Target ads based on behavior

One of the most useful ways to target people on Facebook is by behavior. While demographics and interests are useful, you can refine your approach with behavior-based targeting. This can be divided into several categories, including consumer classification and digital activities. Within this you will find other options, such as which operating system and browser your audience uses. You can also display ads to people who may have visited your page or website before.

Find your target audience with Facebook Ads

Facebook could be a great place to advertise your brand. Make sure you are advertising to the right people by using the tools available.