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Facebook Pixel & how to train it

What is your pixel?

Facebook’s goal is to show your ads to a group of relevant people who are likely to act on your Call To Action.

To do this, Facebook created “the pixel,” a piece of code that you place on your Web site and then reports what people do and don’t do on your site.

For example, if you have a webshop on your site, the pixel tells you who placed products in their shopping cart and who actually bought the product. But also those of the visitors who did neither.

For marketers, the pixel is almost indispensable; it allows you to receive data to create target groups of people who are ready to take an action.

There is one little problem, the pixel does not always get it right immediately, for this you have to train your pixel

Why are you training your pix?

The relationship between Facebook and marketer works both ways for a long time. Facebook wants to deliver your conversions, and the marketer wants to help Facebook and thus the pixel so that conversions can be realized more effectively.

Creating a campaign not specifically to make money, but specifically to train your pixel, is essential for this. This is the learning phase of the training process.

  1. For this campaign, you set a low conversion goal, such as website clicks.
  2. You create one ad set with a matching Call To Action to this goal.
  3. You choose a matching audience.
  4. You should run this ad long enough, at least a week or until there are about 50 conversions.

Note! Don’t change anything from the time you placed the ad set.

Once you have this set up, it is patiently waiting until you have the desired dates.
Congratulations, you can now create a custom audience of people who are ready to move on to buying!

Integrating the trained pixel into a new audience

-Go to your ad set and choose this ‘custom audience’

-Select in this case website as source

-Choose the criteria, in this example all website visitors

Now all that’s left is to name your new and warm audience and you’re all set.

To this audience you can now send more targeted ads because you know that these individuals have already interacted and thus are already familiar with your brand. Ideal for targeting these people with ads that lead to sales.