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A call to what?

Every day you come across a Call To Action on the Internet, some more deliberately than others. Think “Sign up for our newsletter here” or “Make an appointment here. The Internet is full of them. But what exactly is it and how do you write a good Call To Action? You’ll find out here.

What is a Call To Action?

A call to action or also called CTA is a term you can take quite literally. After all, it is a “call to action. You are asking your visitor to take a desired action. This action usually leads your visitor toward conversion.

Examples of a Call To Action.

You can design a call to action in several ways:

1. CTA to link text:

Book your free consultation now.

2. CTA using a button:

3. CTA using a banner:

Tips for a Good Call To Action.

1. What action do you want your visitor to perform?

The first step in writing a good CTA is to think about what you want to accomplish with it. What action do you want your visitor to perform? For example, do you want him to request a quote, make an appointment or anything else? Here, it is important that you start thinking about the placement of your CTA. It’s best to place it on a page that makes sure it makes sense to your visitor. A visitor who just lands on your website is not ready to checkout yet.

2. Use a time element.

Pointing out to your visitor a certain time constraint can help you write a successful CTA. You can easily do this by adding an “immediately” or “now. This is because visitors are sensitive to urgency and will be more likely to click.

3. Point out a benefit to your visitor.

Did you just write an e-book of interest to your visitor? Reflect this benefit in your CTA. You can easily do this using words such as: free, easy, no-obligation and fast. In the case above, you can then write, “Download your free e-book here.

4. Provide a fun design.

The visual aspect should certainly not be overlooked. Make sure it stands out enough. Therefore, be sure to think about the form you best use for a particular CTA. Do you opt for a button, a banner or just link text after all? Be sure not to make it too long or you will lose your visitor.