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What is the difference between categories and tags?

Categories and tags in WordPress take care of making your website more user-friendly. Because many people confuse or equate the two, there are many tags and categories on Web sites that have the same name. As a result, the structure of the website is no longer quite right. Of course, this is not the intention because they do not serve the same purpose.


You need to organize your posts in WordPress. This can be done by putting them into certain categories. Your posts MUST be linked to a category. It is easier and more user-friendly for your website visitors to find certain posts when they are grouped together. So by looking at the category, you already know approximately what will be covered in the articles.


For example, you can operate a phone store. For example, if you have written articles about certain phone devices, you can group articles about a phone under the “repair” category. If you have written several articles about the features of certain phone devices, you can group these posts into the “features” category. This way you always have a clear overview of which posts you can find where.


By tags, you can indicate topics the article is about and topics you have paid attention to in the article. It is not mandatory to add tags to your posts. You can use multiple tags to indicate topics. Of course, you shouldn’t overdo this and keep it somewhat limited.

If you post about the colors of an iPhone 8, for example, you can use the tags ‘iPhone8’, ‘gold’, ‘black’ , ‘shiny’….