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Marketing Mindset

Everything I had wanted to know before starting a marketing agency and the power of entrepreneurial thinking.

Written by Ruben Baestaens

Marketing Mindset explores the dynamic relationship between (digital) marketing and entrepreneurship and reveals how to leverage that symbiosis to have real impact in our digital age.

Now for €24.99 instead of €34.99

Includes FREE strategic session with author and case manager Ruben Baestaens.

Original price was: € 34,99.Current price is: € 24,99.Koop jouw exemplaar

Who is Ruben Baestaens?

Ruben Baestaens started as a student entrepreneur in 2016 and has spent the past few years building three companies from the ground up. He also teaches the course Marketing & Entrepreneurship at Thomas More. Within Are Agency (digital marketing agency), he has already successfully applied the frameworks and strategies described for more than a hundred companies.

Why buy this book?

  • Learn from the mistakes made and don’t make these mistakes yourself
  • Valuable tips
  • Practical examples
  • Case studies
  • Make your campaigns and strategies stronger by thinking entrepreneurially

What do you get out of such a strategic session?

  • Deep customer insight
  • Optimization of touchpoints
  • Data-driven decisions

Original price was: € 34,99.Current price is: € 24,99.Koop jouw exemplaar

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