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At this stage, your potential customer knows your company and some interaction has already happened.

They may have already visited your website or social media. If you can’t get your hands on this person’s contact information at this point, chances are they won’t return to your website.
Why? Because people today come in contact with marketing and advertising from all kinds of companies everywhere.
Even if you have a super website and interesting content, it’s always better to still maintain a connection with your potential customer. We usually do this by asking for an email address, which we can use to contact the customer later.
Often so-called “ethical bribes” are used here, in which the customer enters his/her email in exchange for, for example:

  • a monthly newsletter with tips & tricks
  • chance to win a voucher
  • a gift with the next purchase
  • Emails & newsletters
  • Content in exchange for contact information
  • Tracking your website’s visitors
  • Digital advertising campaigns

You host a webinar where you demonstrate your products and answer questions. To sign up for the webinar, people fill in their name and email address.