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Smet Rental: the eye on the future

Smet Rental rents customized recycling machines for your business. A service we at Are Agency can only applaud.

Smet Rental makes a thorough analysis in advance of the recycling project you want to set up. On that basis, they supply their own machines that you need for your recycling project.

At Smet Rental, they are all too aware that operating the machines they offer is not always straightforward. To make recycling run as smoothly as possible, their experts provide necessary training to workers on site.

To complete the circle of optimal service, Smet Rental also offers technical support. Is there a problem with a machine during recycling? Then they come and fix this themselves.

Strong positioning in the market

Smet Rental has branches in Benelux and France. Therefore, it is important that they position themselves properly. At Are Agency, we took care of this by developing a new website.

The new website highlights all their services and machines in a very clear way. Renting a machine for your recycling project has never been easier!

Recycling visitors through online marketing

To strengthen Smet Rental’s position in this niche market, we threw ourselves fully into online marketing. Our
Google Ads
campaigns were a hit in the bullseye.

The result?

  • 12,051 clicks on the ads.
  • Cost per conversion of €49.36. This is such a low cost that your best salesman of a lifetime does not achieve.

Our campaigns were so successful in Benelux that we are currently working to conquer France.

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