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Around: the beginning of a new era

For 70 years, the angular socket shone in countless homes. Just about the least innovative product to be found on the market we hear you think. Rond brought change to this.

Thanks to Rond, the end of the era of angular outlets has begun. With a round, sleek and minimalist design, Rond sockets are the perfect fit for your home.

Not only is it pleasing to the eye, installing these outlets is a lot easier. The simple design saves you time, money and effort in installation.

Walking around in circles

Around sat with problems in terms of their communication and keeping an overview. Not only do individuals use electrical outlets, but so do businesses. On top of that, they also wanted to communicate clearly to architects and installers.

Getting a clear overview into these very diverse groups in terms of needs and requirements is no easy task. Rond also came up with a revolutionary idea here.

Each target group was assigned a value. Once they received a lead, they divided that lead into one of the target groups.

Website That Doesn’t Spin Around the Pot

In order for customers to easily contact Rond, a new website was necessary. So this is where we at Are Agency got industriously involved.

We created a website that puts Rond’s product at the center. On top of that, we built clear landing pages and a contact page.

We linked the following tools to the website to optimize advertising and analytics:

  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Analytics

Trip Around the World

After building the new website, we took care of Rond’s social media ads. Thanks to the Facebook Pixel, we targeted potential customers very specifically and not only in Belgium.

For example, we helped Rond generate new leads in France and elsewhere.

We are downright satisfied

The results are to write home about. Each month, Rond achieved more than his expected results.

With these results, then, we at Are Agency conclude that things have come full circle for Round ­čśë

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