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Polarfest: coldest music festival in Belgium

A unique festival of its kind. Polarfest completely transformed the Waagnatie into a snowy landscape where it did not become a greasy apr├Ęs-ski. Well just a rock hard party that the winter edition of Tomorrowland would envy.

Polarchallenge: student unions diametrically opposed

Before the revelers would blow the roof off the Waagnatie, Polarfest pitted Antwerp’s four largest student unions against each other. In an intense competition, they competed for the title of the iciest sorority.

After the challenge, the roof could finally fly off thanks to a lineup to say U to.

Curious about how Belgium’s coldest party went down? Then be sure to take a look at this link

Braving the cold thanks to smart marketing

Are Agency without making a website is a bit like a festival without beer. Our web developers set to work industriously to create a website completely in style with the festival.

A winter website that will warm you up to go all out at the festival.

Polarfest: even Santa stood on interested

What is the best way to maximize reach for a festival? Advertising through social media, of course.

Our social media experts poured fun content into thoughtful ads. In this way, we made sure the festival sold out.

Are you cool enough to go to this festival? ­čśë

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