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Harper’s Beauty: experts in nail care and styling

A good four years ago, founder Evelien Anthonis, stomped Harper’s Beauty out of the ground. She based the name on her little treasure. In fact, the little daughter goes by the name Harper. So the name of her beauty business was quickly chosen in this way.

Meanwhile, the Harper’s Beauty team consists of 18 handsome hands with equally gorgeous nails.

Website bursting at the seams

In a short time, Harper’s Beauty grew into a veritable wholesaler of cosmetics products. As a result, the old website and web shop could not keep up with the growth.

It was high time for a new and better website that clearly highlights all their services. With on top of that, a webshop that has no limits so that it does not stunt future growth.

Searching for a needle in a haystack

The previous webshop did not have a clear structure. Therefore, for customers, it soon felt like searching for a needle in a haystack. We first performed a comprehensive analysis of the old web shop. Based on this analysis, we created a structure for the new web shop.

With the results of this analysis, our web developers set to work crafting an online store for Harper’s Beauty. Through the Content Management System WooCommerce they have created a web shop to lick your fingers (or nails in this case) off.

The advantage of a WooCommerce webshop is that once launched, the Harper’s Beauty team adds unlimited products to the online store without paying additional fees.

The road to Harper

In addition to creating a new web shop, we at Are Agency also provided a stream of traffic to this new online store.

Via Google Ads we set up two types of campaigns:

  • Retargeting: Visitors who visited the website but did not take an action.
  • Webshop retargeting: Visitors who abandoned their shopping cart and left the webshop without making a purchase.

Our victory

Harper’s Beauty’s monthly sales were up 68%. With a limited budget, we still created 40,000 new visitors in one year. We realized a cost per click of €0.19. 19 cents buys you very little in the store these days.

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