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Expect Me: hotel software that meets your expectations

Expect Me was created with an eye toward improving people’s experiences in hotels. They have developed an outstanding software where you as a hotel guest have the chance to choose your own hotel room.

Think of Expect Me’s software as the rose petals on the bed in a hotel’s system.

Start-up in the spotlight

How do you best highlight a start-up online? Thanks to an Expect-ional website, of course! Our in-house web developers were happy to put their shoulders to the wheel on this unique concept.

The opportunity to work with an innovative start-up like Expect Me is something we at Are Agency are excited about.

Website that will make you sleep on both ears

With Expect Me’s website, we map out their software very clearly. We don’t focus on the product, we focus on the problem it solves.

We take website visitors by the hand and walk together through all the benefits the software offers both hotel visitors and hotel owners.