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Cogghe & Co: 75 years your construction partner

Annually, this construction company handles 100 to 150 new construction projects. They tailor this entirely to the needs of their customers.

They do their own project development, but they also build on your own land if you want to build a house yourself. In this way, they guarantee that their clients always get a home that is fully customized to their personal taste.

From design to the last brick

When we talk about a construction company that takes care of everything from A to Z, Cogghe & Co is the ultimate example. They work with in-house architects and engineers for project designs.

Then they highly personally ensure that the project comes to life from the first to the last brick.

From code to the last letter

At Are Agency, we also handle online marketing from A to Z for our clients. This was also the case for Cogghe & Co.

We set out to create a website that would pleasantly portray their projects. Thanks to the new website, it is very clear to a website visitor exactly what services Cogghe & Co offers.

We also did our bit in the area of Copywriting. We provided the website with all the necessary text. It went beyond just the texts on the website.

Our copywriter also worked on the invitations for the open house. These were such a great success that the open house was extended by two days.

Project equipped with the latest gadgets

Marketing Automation was still in its infancy. Yet we at Are Agency managed to apply this in a successful way for Cogghe & Co.

Through email marketing, we developed a flow for the open house with attractive images and text. As mentioned earlier, it was extended by two days due to its success.

Many new viewers for the projects

How do you create a new stream of potential customers?

  • Google Ads

Google Ads
you reach your target audience at relevant times and respond very precisely to these their needs. With the ads we created for Cogghe & Co, we cleverly capitalized on this.

  • Social Media Ads

Social media is the number one online time spent by your target audience. Therefore, it is very important to be present through these channels.

Cogghe & Co this was still not enough. Our social media experts developed a comprehensive social media strategy for them so that Cogghe & Co could conquer social media.

Our lick of paint on the construction projects of Cogghe & Co.

We don’t want to come across as thick-skinned, but with the results we achieved for Cogghe & Co, every digital marketing agency wants to come home to roost.

The results we show you below are all tested against the previous year:

  • We realized a 25.26 % increase in the number of visitors returning to the Cogghe & Co website.
  • The average time visitors spent on the website increased by 22.16%.
  • Cogghe & Co dragged in a whopping 39% increase in conversions.

As icing on the cake, we achieved a whopping 1,687,494 online marketing impressions in one year. Madness!

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