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Church Chair Building Materials: Cardinal of Flanders

Do you want to build in Flanders or have you already built? Then Church Chair Building Materials undoubtedly sounds familiar to you.

You can turn to them for all phases of your construction process. Not only do they offer a full range of building materials. They also help you with all your renovation work from A to Z.

Not visited the 2000sqm showroom yet? Then you know what to do ­čśë

Church Chair Building Materials had to confess something

Even as a major player in a given market, it is not always easy to position yourself clearly to your target audience. On top of that, it is very important that you extend this to all corners of your business. Also online through your website and social media.

In addition to that clear positioning, Church Chair Building Materials also experienced problems in terms of clearly conveying information to their target audience.

Are Agency deployed as missionary

We started at Are Agency by mapping out a well thought out brand strategy in a clear style guide. In this way, Church Chair Building Materials is able to communicate in a unified way.

After putting the brand strategy into a style guide, we embarked on our biggest mission. Creating a website and web shop that converts people to the building religion of Church Chair Building Materials.

Revolution within the construction industry

In order for people in the 21ste convert century you need more than just a good website or web shop. You have to dare to take that step further. And that’s exactly what we did at Are Agency.

During a fun brainstorm, we came up with the idea of linking QR codes to the various product pages.

The result?

80 unique pages with their own QR code that visitors to the physical store can scan. After scanning the QR code in the store, you get an overview of all the details of that particular product.

Announcing revolution to the outside world

No matter how innovative and revolutionary your company may be. If you don’t market it, it’s not much use.

We marketed the new brand strategy in the following ways:

  • Google Ads

Google Ads
reach your target audience at relevant times. We created several advertisements in line with the corporate identity we developed for Kerkstoel Building Materials.

  • Social Media Ads

Social media is the number one online time spent by your target audience. By advertising through social media, we reached potential customers of Church Chair Building Materials in a place they love to be. This makes your advertising feel not like advertising, but valuable.

Do you want to convert your prospects and customers to the religion of your business? Contact us with no obligation and we at Are Agency will be happy to go on a mission for you.

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